The Review Process

The Review Process is an essential tool in our quest for quality journalism based on the latest research and science in the field. A review team is comprised of three different experts in health, wellness, corporate culture or writing, who provide the blueprint for revision to bring the highest quality opinions and individual industry leading voices to our readers. The anonymous review process (both authors and reviewers’ identities are masked) seeks to answer the following questions (among others): Is it industry leading? Is it well written and well researched? Does it ahere to or enhance our goals (i.e. quality journalism)? Does it bring something new to the debate?

Only those articles deemed to reach these high standards are published.

Reviewers Issue 02Why Vitality?

Picture of David Swatling

David Swatling

David moved from New York to Amsterdam in 1985. He spent 25 years as a reporter and producer for Radio Netherlands Worldwide, winning numerous international awards. Since retiring in 2010, he has published his first novel, "Calvin's Head", and is busy working on his second in the series.

Picture of Lucka Bibic

Lucka Bibic

Lucka received her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from UEA (UK) and was working with the Naked Scientists (University of Cambridge) and BBC5 Live as a science producer. She has lectured on a science communication podcast and led the winning start-up team on the national entrepreneurship competition. Her research focuses on digital methods for educating and engaging people on chronic health conditions. Her passion lies at the intersection of research and science communication for gamified virtual reality platforms. Prior to joining Dephion, Lucka was a science writer and corresponding editor for the American Chemical Society where she still serves as a peer-reviewer.

Picture of Valérie Broers

Valérie Broers

Valérie is a post-doctoral researcher of pro-environmental behavior atthe Department of Environmental Sciences of the Open Universiteit in the Netherlands.She obtained her PhD in Psychology from the Université Catholique deLouvain in Belgium, supported by a research grant funded by the Walloon region called Food4Gut. She has been working at Habtic as a Behaviour Modification Expert since October 2020.

Picture of Gwenda Engels

Gwenda Engels

Gwenda received her PhD at the department of neuropsychology at VU University (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), where she studied brain networks and symptoms in Parkinson's disease. Her passion lies in connecting science and society, and she spends her spare time as a musician, writing, playing and listening to music. She studied healthy cognitive aging at Tilburg University (The Netherlands) as a post-doctoral researcher, in close collaboration with Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm (Sweden).

Picture of Carolin Muschalik

Carolin Muschalik

Carolin previously worked as a Behavior Modification Expert in the Habtic content team, where she was responsible for adding psychological content that supports users in changing and establishing new behaviors and habits. She has a genuine interest in understanding human (health) behavior sand holds a PhD in Health Psychology. Besides that, she enjoys being in nature, practicing yoga, meditating, dancing and supporting sustainable projects such as Green Impact or the Ocean cleanup.

Picture of Ishani Bhattacharya

Ishani Bhattacharya

Ishani obtained her master’s in atmospheric physics at the University of Reading (UK), with her research focus on urban climatology, and went on to develop a career in scientific editing for early- to mid-career researchers. She then obtained another master’s in catalytic chemistry, with her work aiming to make certain industrial reactions more efficient. She has also worked as a science journalist, writing for the public platform for Copernicus—the EU’s Earth observation programme—on recent developments in solutions to climate change and air quality issues. Her main career interests include bridging the gap between academia and the general audience and making scientific innovations accessible and understandable to all.

Picture of Hind Chabbaki

Hind Chabbaki

Hind completed her bachelor's in Health Sciences and master's in Global Health at Maastricht University, the Netherlands. She works as a health scientist and content creator for Habtic. She is passionate about finding innovative solutions to health-related problems. Hind’s interest in science emerged early and remains unshaken despite acknowledging the challenges of modern society.

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